Town of Lom

Town of Lom originated as a Roman castle (with fortress troops) on the Danube river, which later grew into a village named Almus. For the cultural and historical heritage of the town of Lom witness monuments, statues, Roman coins, etc. In the Historical Museum in Lom there are at two Roman sarcophagi. In the area called "Kaleto" (the fortress) (village Staliyska neighborhood) there had existed a Roman settlement. In the village of Dolni Tsibar a stone bridge connecting the village and port of the Danube is preserved.

In Lom are preserved about 50 beautiful buildings from the early twentieth century in "Art Nouveau" (Rousse) style, defining characteristic ensemble in the main street of the town of Lom with a unique individuality and unique mosaics. Church "Assumption" in the city is a cultural monument, as well as the ensemble of buildings in the central part.