Regional library Geo Milev, Мontana

The history of the library began back in 1883, when in Goliama Kutlovitsa a community center was founded, which in 1894 was recovered and was given the name "Razum". It marked the beginning and the library, which was its first child. This year was bought the first books and magazines. Today regional library "Geo Milev" - Montana is the largest library bibliographic and information center in Montana. It performs informational, cultural, and coordination activities. The main function of the library is to collect, organize and provide for the use of library - bibliographic information. It also carries out regional studies, maintenance, storage and granting for use of the records of the local literature, and printing. It also executes publishing and cultural activities. It maintains numerous contacts with other libraries and institutions. Regional Library "Geo Milev" is the winner of "Cyril and Methodius" – 1st degree, an Honorary of Montana municipality, Golden Badge from Regional Council - Mihailovgrad, plaques of Montana municipality, Honorary from University of Rousse, memorial sign "60 years Ruse University". The library disposes of over 235,000 library items. Within the library are acting the European Information Centre, Public Information Center, Departments and Information Centre of the Goethe Institute, the American news area. "Geo Milev" Library in Montana has the following departments:

• Children's Department, which issued reader cards to the readers up to 14 years. Serves with books, reference books, periodicals, Graphics and audio media. Thera are two separate units: loans and reading room. It draws recommended bibliographic lists in support of educational activities. Organizes cultural events for children;

• Loans for adults;

• Reading rooms in which readers use the material in place and can not rent for home library documents within those departments. The following reading rooms are: "Humanities" , where readers can use library materials in the field of culture, philosophy, literature, pedagogy, etc. The reading room has a large reference collection of encyclopedias and dictionaries, "Exact and Applied Sciences", where are presented library papers in the field of chemistry, physics, ecology, biology, medicine and engineering; Foreign Language Reading Room, where are presented library documents in foreign languages. The reading room was established with the support of "Open Society“Foundation.

• „Periodicals” Department. Here is used the daily press as well as old anniversaries of newspapers, magazines and periodical collections.

• Regional studies department „Anastas Stoyanov”. In this section are collected and stored library units containing information from and about the region. The fund includes books, periodicals and bibliographic publications related to the region. The department is a center for regional studies in the region. It maintains a database "Regional study file." Issues current and retrospective bibliographies of local and regional character.

• „Reference - bibliographic and information services” Department. The Fund consists of reference books of general and specialized nature - encyclopedias, reference books, directories, company catalogs and guides. Furthermore, it provides bibliographic and collection of current and retrospective national bibliographies, bibliographic editions of other libraries and institutions. It performs reference and bibliographic and information activities: oral and written thematic bibliographic references. Draws up and publishes bibliography indexes, written address information for companies and references with useful contents.

• Department „Automation” organizes library data base. Executes any kind of reference through the global network Internet. European information center disposes with plenty of publications about the European Union and Council of Europe.


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