National library club „Razum“, Montana

National library club „Razum“ was founded in 1883. During this period, the library club put the beginning the library, theater and music activities in Montana. There had been organized dancing parties, one-act plays, readings, declamations and others. At the same time a temperance society, tourism club, civic choir, orchestra and others were created. Public lectures are carried out, which are seen as a very important tool for extending the knowledge of the people. Until the 70s of last century, the community center (library club) "Razum" is the only cultural institution in town of Montana, which combines all the cultural and educational activities. In 1922 here was performed the first operetta "Fairy Spring", in 1929 a bras orchestra was created that still functions today, and a symphonic orchestra as well /1926/, which together with the civil choir takes active cultural activities not only in Montana, but throughout northwestern Bulgaria. In "Razum" library club was created town cinema, Drama Theater, music and ballet school, Puppet Theater. During the years of its development, the library has organized over 40 types of activities. Its teams have won many prestigious national and local awards, laureats and winners of gold medals at the national festival of amateur art. Today, in the forms of library work are involved over 250 amateurs - Brass Band "Diko Iliev”; dancing ensemble "Pastrina"; a folk choir, male vocal group, A group for old songs and hits "Nostalgia" and School of Arts "Dobri Hristov". These formations led an active cultural life, participating in festivals and reviews, every year organizes tours abroad, have won many national and international awards. In 2002 the brass band has successfully presented itself at the International Festival in Siklós - Hungary, male vocal group won the Jury Prize at the International Festival in the town of Banska Bystrica - Slovakia and dance ensemble "Pastrina" presented our folklore on the one-month tour in Italy, France and Germany. In the Art school are trained over 150 children in three areas - music, dance and art. The school is an active participant in social and cultural life of Montana concerts, performances, workshops, exhibitions, class productions and more. It has won many awards - from various national festivals and international reviews and India, Macedonia, Poland, Slovenia, Japan, Portugal and others. The main task of the Library club “Razum” has always been to be preserved the Bulgarian traditions and spirit, and the great, distinctive talent of our people:vBrass Band "Diko Iliev ", Folk choir, Folk songs group, Mandolin orchestra, A group for old songs and hits "Nostalgia”, United school of arts „Dobri Hristov”, Folk dances ensemble „Pastrina”, Male vocal group, Rock band „Perperikon”.


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