Mihaylov house, Montana

Museum site Mihaylov house opened in 1955 as a house-museum “Hristo Mihaylov”, is one of the oldest preserved monuments in the architectural and building aspect on the territory of town of Montana. It is located close to the Orthodox Church "St. Cyril and Methodius" and the archeological exposition Lapidarium. Mihailov House is the only restored and preserved Renaissance house in Montana. Since the end of 19th to mid 20th century there lived the family of Father Michael Variklechkov, a priest in the local church. Currently you can visit there the ethnographic exhibition "In the world of grandparents" including more than 350 objects from the traditional rural and urban life since the end of 18th to the beginning of 20th century. Interest provokes the samples of Chiprovtsi goldsmith and carpet school, Berkovitsa ceramics, fabrics and clothing; all these preserved the sense of the Bulgarian woman to the beautiful. The changes in clothing are shown, in the furniture and the whole furnishing in the homes of wealthy urban families in the late 19th and early 20th century under the influence of fashion trends in Western Europe.



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