Ethnographic museum, Berkovitsa

Ethnographic Museum in Berkovitsa has a rich exposure that meets the lifestyle and customs of the people of northwestern Bulgaria and is included in the hundred tourist sites. In its collections are kept thousands of unique in the field of the arts and crafts, and folk customs. The visitor can see the rich color diversity in the manufacture of garments and carpets, and jewelry, objects of everyday life and some traditional regional customs. Most of the exhibits are related to crafts, costumes and household items - during the Ottoman rule Berkovitsa was well developed craft area, mainly in the production of pottery. During the Iron Age in the first millennium BC, Berkovitsa region was inhabited by the Thracian tribe called Moesi and in the middle of the millennium there stayed related tribali. Thracian built fortress on the strategic heights, grown agricultural crops and livestock, made weapons and gold mining in the valleys river Zlatitsa and Vreshtitsa. Restitution of the premises of the museum complex after the democratic changes in the late twentieth century caused a major blow to the museum in the town.


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