„Ivan Vazov“ Community Center, Berkovitsa

„Ivan Vazov“ Community Center in town of Berkovitsa was founded on May 11th1872. In its century-old history it was developed as a central cultural institute of Berkovitsa Municipality. The activity of the community center is developing in several directions:

• Work with children. School of Arts and Children's Center "Kambanka" (small Bell) There had been established and are operational the following classes and work groups: music - with classes in piano, accordion, brass instruments, vocals and musical theory; Dance - classes in modern dance and folk dance, children's theater - children's Theatre-Studio "Nikolay Fol" with 46 children aged 6 to 14 years, fine Arts - groups for beginners and preparatory group for admission to Schools of arts; Puppet theatre - mixed composition /children and adults/ and slapstick;

• Library activity: The library disposes of about 80 000 volumes of literature and serves about 2300 readers. An automated library information system is introduced. The library organizes readings, exhibitions, meetings with writers. It also prepares written reports and bibliography. There are four separate sections in the library: children's department, adult department; reading room and local (region’s) studies; computer processing of database, books and funds and catalogs.

• Amateur work: the following bands are working within the community center: Folklore ensemble “Malinarka” with over 180 dancers, musicians and singers; Folk choir – performing authentic and arranged folklore; A group for old songs “Sweet memory”; Berkovitsa brass band – very popular not only in the town, but in the municipality, region, in the country and abroad.; Brass orchestra “Zdravets” – serves weddings and rituals. It takes part in events related to important dates and events; Theatre group; Children’s vocal group “Patent Leather shoes”; children's Theatre-Studio "Nikolay Fol”; Modern dances group 2008 – cheerleaders and a band called “Dance with me”;

The community center is the organizer of the International Children's Art Festival "Patent leather shoes", which is held annually. It was included within the program of the Ministry of Culture. At the beginning of September, each year is held the Folklore Festival "The Balkan singing and dancing." Community center also organizes or co-organizes all cultural events in the town. It acts as a reception place at its base and supports events for schools, organizations and agencies.



Address: Berkovitsa, 1 “Yordan Radichkov” Sq.

Е-mail: ch_iv_berk@mail.bg