Historical museum of Chiprovtsi

Historical museum of town of Chiprovtsi was founded in 1988, and directly related to the 300th Anniversary of the outbreak of Chiprovtsi uprising. The exhibition area in the main building started with archeological findings, which dates cover a long chronological period – from the Neolithic to the late Middle Ages. In the five rooms of the museum exhibition are presented events and processes, standing out Chiprovtsi in the common Bulgarian and/or world historical space. The first room is dedicated to the ore mining; different stages of the ore mining and mine processing are presented with an accent over the new technologies, brought by the Saxon miners. In the second room are shown works of the Goldsmith School of Chiprovtsi (16-17 c.) and their distribution in the pan-European scale. The third room presents the place and the role of Catholicism in the life of Chiprovtsi in 17c. -educational activities, diplomatic and missionary activity of the local Catholic higher clergy, the outbreak and the course of uprising of Chiprovtsi and subsequent migratory movements in today's Romanian and Croatian lands. In the fourth room are traced the main periods in the development of Chiprovtsi carpet, while the fifth is exhibited church painting.

In Katerinina house is arranged exhibition presenting the life and customs of Torlatsi and in the yard and planted "a living collection of dye plants".


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