Workshops for weaving carpets, Chiprovtsi

The first evidence for the production of carpets in Chiprovtzi dates from the beginning of 17th century. Early constructive period lasts until the end of 18th century. It is characterized by smoothness and density of the tissue, geometric treatment of the elements and building of harmonies of hot and cold naturally dyed colors: yellow or ocher, brown, blue and green. The first carpets were called Bakham (bakam is a kind southern tree, which yields a red and black paint) or Garibald (short coat). The main motive of this carpet is the triangle. The colors are bright cold obtained from natural dyes. The first period is related to the karakachka model (black-eyed bride). It is believed that karakachka is the symbolic image of the goddess of fertility. These carpets are available in two colors - red and black or red and white. Samples of carpets and Bakhamkarakachka appeared much earlier than the 17th c. and had developed as an artistic production simultaneously with flourishing of the goldsmith school of Chiprovtsi. These rugs have no analogues in the world.