Museum of History Vidin

The Historical Museum is one of the oldest scientific and cultural institutions in Vidin, an important public-significant center, for keeping, scientific processing and promotion of cultural and historical values. The beginning of the museum activity in Vidin region dates back to 1910, when was founded the Archaeological Society and the first museum collection was arranged. After the wars of the mid- 20s of 20th century, the Archaeological Society "Bononia" intensified its collecting activities and under the guidance of the teacher Vasil Atanasov its arranged exhibition of mainly numismatic materials and Bulgarian embroidery in the building of the old Turkish post. The Place of Vidin museum in the national museum network is established with its success in the arranging of museum exhibitions, structuring of the different departments and its achievements in science –research field. The museum is well developed and complete structure consistent with its general history profile:

•Archaeology (with sections “Prehistory”, “Antiquity” and “Middle ages”) – a rich exhibition of the section is exposed mainly in the building of Konak (1977)

•Numismatics - the fund has over 30,000 coins

•Ethnography - the exposure is in the Museum "Cross-shaped barracks" 1969

•Bulgarian lands 15th – 19th century - the exposure is located in Konak

•New history

•Contemporary history

•Public relations.

In 1965-1967 the building was restored and adapted as a museum, and since 1969 there is arranged an ethnographic exhibition featuring the traditional culture of the population of the Vidin region from the end of 19th to the years 20s of 20th century. Here are exposed the main agricultural activities: ploughing, sowing, harvesting, threshing, haymaking. Greater accent is emphasised on viticulture and winemaking. Special place in the exhibition had the fishing on the Danube River.

The library fund of the museum, numbering over 4600 volumes, serves not only museum professionals, but many institutions, citizens and students also. For the museum funds, where are stored more than 63 thousand exhibits are taking cares qualified museum professionals - historians and philologists.



Address: Vidin, 13 „Tsar Simeon Veliki” Str.

Tel. +359 94 601710; +359 94 601707