Etnographic Museum "Cross-shaped barrack", Vidin

“Cross-shaped barrack” Museum is located in the oldest part of the town of Vidin, near riverside park, and "St. Petka" Church. Around it are shaped almost four private patios. The building of the “Cross-shaped barrack” is unique because of its typology, which has no analogue in Bulgaria and the Balkan region. The building was built in the period May 25, 1880 - May 14, 1901 Previously, on the same place was the garden of the Old Palace - the resting place of Aga of the Janissaries. Polish and French specialists have built the Cross-shaped barrack for the needs of the Turkish military garrison in Vidin, during the administration of local Pasha Osman Pazvantoglu (1794 - 1807), who managed to establish an almost free autonomous, independent of the central Ottoman rule.

After the liberation of Bulgaria, the building is used for a military court and barracks of the Bulgarian Army.

Due to exhaustion of the options of the building to be used in accordance with its authentic function during 1965 - 1967, the building was adapted to the needs of the museum in the city. From 1969 to 2009 the Historical Museum of Vidin exposes its ethnographic exposition presenting the economic life of the population of the Vidin region from the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. The exhibition features traditional crafts, and a special attention is paid to the fishing on the Danube. The building occupied by the ethnographic exhibition (Cross-shaped barracks) is located on about 200 m, westwards of the coastal park of the Danube, in the central part of the town, typical with a strong concentration of rich cultural heritage. Contact areas include elements of new building construction.

This Monument of architecture is state property under the Act № 2633/22.05.2009, according to which the adjacent land - property № 10971.501.181 with area of 3857 m² together with the Museum "Cross-shaped barracks" on two floors with an area 1473 m² are part of urban area "historical monument". The building has received the status of a cultural monument of national importance (State Gazette 85/1965 and Declarations letter No. 3372/06.07.1989 of the National Institute for Monuments of Culture) which provides a protective regime of cultivation in the boundaries of the museum.



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