Osman Pazvantoglu Library and Mosque, Vidin

Osman Pazvantoglu Library

From the ensemble of Pazvantoglu, built in the late 18th and early 19th century to the present day are remained only the mosque and the library. It probably had inside a medrese (school) or zavie (small Muslim religious sanctuary). The library is a stone, square, covered with a dome of lead sheet, with little open lobby and room. By the inscription over the entrance is understood that Pazvantoglu has dedicated the library of his late mother.


Osman Pazvantoglu’s Mosque

The mosque of Osman Pazvantoglu is Muslim shrine, located in the town of Vidin. Besides the mosque in the architectural ensemble is included a library too. It is located in the Town Park (Danube Park) just opposite of the Metropolitan complex in Kale (Old Town). These are declared a cultural monument of national importance.

The mosque is a massive stone building with a strong oriental architecture. It is completed between May 14th, 1801 and May 4th, 1802. It gives the impression of two-storey, although it is only on one floor. Vestibule is designed as an open gallery. Prayer hall is large and is decorated with lath ceiling, which has a large woodcut rosette. There is a balcony designed for women.

The minaret ends with stylized point of peak which is probably the sign of the military unit to which belonged Osman Pazvantoglu or (according to another version) depicts an inverted heart as an expression of unrequited love. Putting the peak stresses the independence of Pazvantoglu from the Sultan, whose sign is the crescent. According to some, Pazvantoglu dedicated the mosque to his father, who was killed in Vidin on the orders of the Sultan; others say he dedicated it to his beloved Bulgarian. Better known is the version of the unrequited love between Osman Pazvantoglu and the Bulgarian Christian. According to the understanding at the time, and even now are still common very similar ideas, that because of their different religion feelings are not shared and understood by others, and mostly the impossibility of their further development. The mosque is also known as "manly mosque", precisely because of this fact.

The mosque can be visited freely by anyone and even photographed inside. There works a man who can tell the story and explain the internal elements and translate the inscriptions on the walls and show the library. Available for sale are books of religious and secular themes.


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