Vidin synagogue

It is located near Baba Vida fortress. It is situated in trapezium-shaped plot (triangular with cut sharp angle) in close proximity to the Danube Park. Vidin synagogue historically is second or third on turn Jewish temple in town of Vidin. The previous one was destroyed during the Liberation war (1877-1878). It was constructed within a year, as officially opened on September 28th 1894 by Dr. М. Grundwald, who was the chief rabbi in Bulgaria.

The construction was carried out with the assistance of donations from Jewish merchants - most of the population of the district "Kaleto", and Jews from all corners of the Principality of Bulgaria. It is the second largest after the synagogue in Sofia, but was considered more beautiful. Since 1950, however, the building is not used as intended, but as a warehouse, resulting in the very poor condition and now – decades without a roof, which makes the walls crumble. In 1970 a major renovation began in order to accommodate it (because of good acoustics) for symphony concerts. Under the plan the building is with fully symmetrical shape, of the type one - nave apse basilica with a narthex, galleries and four towers. The internal dimensions of the prayer hall are 21 x 10 m. The Synagogue was built similarly to that found in Buda Pest, and its architects were well-known of that time Ferdinand and Francesco. The construction of the altar was made by Max Verix - Czech sculptor, lecturer in Vidin (altar is colored in blue, red and bronze). Timber was supplied from Transylvania and Hungary, and the lights, chandeliers and desks are from Vienna and Austria.

The condition of the Synagogue currently is very bad, tourists’ access is free.