Belogradchik rocks

Belogradchik is located on 182 km northwest from the capital Sofia and on 52 km southwest from the town of Vidin. One of the natural wonders in Bulgaria are rocks that surround the town. The Belogradchik Rocks are rock formations formed by the weathering of Triassic sandstones and conglomerates. The rocks spread on approximately 30 km in length, 3 to 5 km wide and 200 m high.

Belogradchik Rocks were declared a natural landmark since 1949. This delightful natural phenomenon is carved from dripping rainwater and winds over 200 millions of years, transforming the shapeless stone into sculptures resembling mythical creatures, human silhouettes, animals and birds. In the late Paleozoic time, about 230 mil years ago, in this region had been deposited sand - marl rocks. Later they were overwhelmed by the sea, on the bottom of which were deposited sand, gravel and clay. Over time, these materials were connected by sandy- clay solder. Thus were formed the conglomerates and sandstones. The reddish color is due to the iron oxides and hydroxides. As a result of tectonic cycle early –Alpine tectonic cycle the complex folded and displayed on the mainland, and the region of Belogradchik got into a large crack. Under the influence of water, wind and temperature fluctuations limestones on some parts were destroyed and revealed highly fractured conglomerates. So, for millions of years, nature has created from formless stone sculptures of mythical creatures, humans, animals and birds. In the sandstone and limestone were formed over 100 caves. These rock columns form a natural fortress whose defensive potential was exploited since ancient times.

Rocks resemble people, animals, castles, pyramids. The most majestic cliffs are surrounding Belogradchik: Madonna, Rider, Monks, Schoolgirl, Lion, Bear, Adam and Eve, The Castle. On 4 km from the town around the cave Lepenitsa there is another great rock group, where the most impressive piece is a dinosaur. Near village of Borovitza are located the Borov kamak (Pine Stone) and Pchelen kamak (Bee stone). From the terrace of the famous Mislen kamak (Thought stone) can be seen endless panorama of pinnacles, rocks, precipices, lush meadows and cool valleys with crystal clear streams and far away into the blue are the calm outlines the Stara Planina Mountain. The name of each rock figure is the result of people's imagination. The flora around the rocks includes many endemic species specific for the Balkans and recorded in the Red Book of Bulgaria. The fauna is represented by the golden eagle, owl, small vulture, black stork, wolf, wild boar, red deer, roe deer, dormouse and more. From Belogradchik start several trails winding near the rocks, suitable for cycling. The hill named Venetsa is of 904 m height. This is a kars area with caves, caverns and others. The hill is covered with oak and hornbeam.