Casa Baniei - Ethnographic Museum Oltenia, Craiova

The ethnographic Museum of Craiova is located in the historic city center and is located in the town park. The building, known as Baniei house, is one of the oldest, non-religious monuments of medieval architecture in Craiova. It was built in the XV century, but was partially destroyed; in 1699 the house was restored by Prince Constantin Brancoveanu. From the original building there are preserved only the underground parts of the house with arched brick walls. Over the years the Baniey house repurposed repeatedly, but since 1966 it houses the ethnographic collection of the Museum of Oltenia. Among the exposures there can be seen restorations of household with the characteristic region pottery, textiles, costumes, musical instruments and ritual objects. There are organized puppet shows and workshops for children in the building, as there is housed the first Museum of Puppet Theater in Oltenia.


Address: Craiova, 16 "Matei Basarab" Str.

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