The Museum of Art in Craiova

Jean Mihail Palace

Address: Craiova, № 15 Calia Unirii

Jean Mihail Palace is the most beautiful building in Craiova. It was built between 1900 - 1907, from the French architect Paul Goterlyo by the request of Michael Constantine (1837 - 1908) – one of the richest and most wealthy people in Romania at that time. High-quality and expensive materials were used in its building, foreign craftsmen and builders were attracted, mostly Italians who came and settled in the region of Oltenia. The beautiful plastering - partly gilded, the scuttles, the Venetian mirrors, the painted ceilings, the chandeliers with crystal ornaments, the marble columns and staircases, the upholstered with silk from Lyon walls, the wooden elements, the style furniture , etc. add elegance and refined taste of the palace. The palace is covered with slabs, as at the very beginning was built the electrical and heating system of the building. Because of its architectural-artistic value the palace was announced back in 1947 as one of the most important monuments of civil engineering from the early twentieth century.

The Museum of Art

Since 1954, the palace houses the Museum of Art in Craiova. The museum is divided into three parts: The Gallery of Art (Dutch, Flemish, French and Italian schools) located in five rooms on the ground floor of the palace, Romanian Gallery of Art (from feudalism to modern art) on the first floor, Room "Brnacusi" with masterpieces from the early years of the great sculptor Vitellius, Vaynglori.

In the period 2011-2013, the building was in a process of restoration and conservation and is closed for visits.


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