National Theatre "Marin Sorescu", Craiova

The National Theatre of Craiova holds a special place in the history of Romanian theater activities. It was founded in 1850 and despite all the turmoil in the nation's history, it continues to operate today. After 1990, the emphasis is put mainly on dramatic performances, representing mainly Universal classics, especially Shakespeare and Moliere. The National Theatre "Marin Sorescu" has so far participated in more than 150 festivals and tours around the world and has received numerous awards and honors: The Edinburgh International Festival, Theatre Festival in North and South America, the International Festival in Montreal, San Paolo and others. By the sixth edition of Shakespeare Festival, on a very organized and artistic level, organized with the support of "Shakespeare", the National Theatre of Craiova became known everywhere in the world. The current repertoire and the international festivals, on which the National Theatre of Craiova is constantly invited, have a great influence on Romanian culture.