Theatre for children and youth "Colibri", Craiova

1949 is the date of birth of the Puppet Theatre of Craiova, present Theatre for Children "Colibri ". It works in cooperation with the National Theatre of Craiova. In 1955, with the acquisition of its own building, a group of puppet artists created unforgettable performances. The management of this phase included, in addition dramatization and adaptation of the original text for Puppet Theater. Today, the theater boasts with numerous national and international participations. During this period, the group included also professional playwrights.

The combination of generations and artistic concepts for new guidelines will support the theater for children and youth. Currently the theatrical repertoire includes plays for several ages’ visitors. The theatre makes trips and tours. Theatre "Colibri" initiated the festival "Festival of Puppets", which first edition was held in May 2002. The repertoire of the theater constantly present about 30 plays, which are exported both on the national and international scene (Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Snow White, Bremen Town Musicians, etc.). Theatre "Colibri" has done many tours over the years in countries from every continent: China, Morocco and Libya, where they founded a theater for children, in Tripoli, Italy, France, the countries of former Yugoslavia, Bulgaria.


Address: Craiova, 16 "A.I.Cuza"

Tel: + 40 251 412 473, Fax: +40 251 416 323