Museum of Art and ethnography Calafat

The Museum of Art and ethnography Calafat is housed in the impressive Marinku Palace. The building was built in 1906-1908, and it was designed by the architect Konstantin Rogalski in French neo baroque style, with exceptional decorative elements from travertine and marble, marble columns and walls - painted artistically. The building covers an area of 8. 333 square meters, and was made by the Italian designer Adotti. The building was owned by the landowner Yonitsa Marinku. Since 1927 the house has been offerring shelter to a number of administrative and educational institutions. Recent repair and restoration activities were undertaken in 2003.

In the museum there are objects from contemporary Romanian art - paintings, prints, works by artists from the Dolj County, lanes made by Nicolae Grigorescu, Henry Katardzhi, and Theodore Pallady, sculptures of Ion Irimesku, Nicu Enya, and George Demetrescu Miriya. The museum has a collection of national costumes and clothing, rugs, runners and other household items.

The building also houses the "Hall of the Romanian - Bulgarian friendship."


Address: Calafat, 6 "December 22" Str.

Tel: +40 251 232521, fax: +40 251 230883