Roman fortress "Choroyu Nou", Choroyu Nou, Choroyasht, Dolj district

Location: southeast of the village within walking distance.

As a result of archaeological research conducted in the village Choroyu Nou, and the found there remains of a Roman fortress, the village will be included in the UNESCO list. According to archaeologists there once had been Malwa, the capital of Dacia Malvensis, searched without success years in a row. Convincing argument in this direction is the found there sign that contains the name "Dacia Malvensis", it is the only such inscription found in the country. During the excavations there were found the remains of a military fort, church, cemetery, bathrooms and office buildings with underfloor heating, statues, coins, and bronze metal parts of weapons, inscriptions and pottery. Another inscription, found in 1938 in Coroiu Nou, reveals the existence of a Thracian settlement during the first Roman emperor with barbarian origin Maximin Tracul, who led the Empire between 235 and 238. Historians suggest that here was placed also legion VII Claudia. The roman fortress Choroyu Now is on the list of historical monuments as a Daco-Roman settlement, a Roman fortress and a monument with medieval elements.