Cathedral church "The Assumption”, Lom

Cathedral church "The Assumption, Lom

The cathedral "Uspenie Bogorodichno" is the biggest in the town. The cathedral church "Uspenie Bogorodichno" is architectural monument of culture since 1974. Its construction is made by the famous builder Georgi Novakov – Djonkar by the village of Tresonche, Macedonia. The iconostasis was made in the begging of the XX century. Its style was influenced by the Russian type of icons, but the final workmanship was of Wien modern type, typical for the towns on the Danube of the end of the XIX century. The rambling element – stylized trellis vine, is typical mark of the Bulgarian iconostasis, however the author is unknown. The influence of the baroque could be felt. The icons are big, not in the tradition of the old Bulgarian iconostasis. The mixture of Western and Russian influences and modern forms is typical, in accordance with the former aesthetic notions of the wealthy people. The names of Nestor Traykov and his son Danail Nestorov are famous. The iconostasis is also a monument of culture, which won this right with high art value. It marks a stage in the development of the Bulgarian iconostasis.