Klisura Monastery, Municipality of Varshets


Klisura monastery is located beside Vrestitsa River, under the mount Todorini kuli in the northern foot of Koznitsa Mountain, part of Western Stara Planina. It is located on 4 km from village of Barzia (up to 1950 – village of Klisura), on about 9 km Berkovitsa, on 28 km from town of Vratsa and on 54 km from Sofia.

History of monastery

Klisura monastery was founded in 1240 then bearing the name Vrestetski monastery. In 15th c. monastery was destroyed by the Turks and remained unsettled for a long time. In 1742 it was restored with donations from people from Klisura, but 40 years later again destroyed. However, the monastery was once again resurrected due to the monks and the local patriots. The year 1862 was a tragic for the history of Klisura monastery. During the feast of the Saint Brothers Cyril and Methodius monastery was attacked by the bashibozuk of the Berkovitsa paha Yusuf bey and ravaged. Over 120 nos. people were killed, and the monastery itself was demolished. In closet o today’s Renaissance style Klisura monastery was restored in 1869 by the founder of the church archimandrite Antim Damyanov, and in 1891 the church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" was officialy consecrated by the Bishop of Vidin. Today Klisura monastery is operational and includes two churches, a residential outhouse buildings and own farm.

The main church "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" represents three-nave, three-apsidal and cross-dome building with a dome over eight wall roll. It has an open narthex, on both sides of which are placed high bell towers. Iconostas is work of Master Stoycho Fandakov and the icons are painted by Nikola Obrazopisov and dated back from 18th -19th c. In 1937 the church was painted by famous Bulgarian painters Gospodin Zhelyazkov and Prof. Georgi Bogdanov. Some years ago in Klisura monastery was built new, considerably smaller church named "St. Nikola". In Klisura monastery are preserved many relics (old icons, books, church plate and others), of which the most valuable are the relics of the saints. In 2000 in the holy spring of Klisura monastery was opened the so called "living water" that is coming from the mount Todorovi kuli. The water is spring one, with low mineral contents and is considered to be healing. Since May 2007 in Klisura monastery has settled 6 nuns, Bulgarians from Vardar Macedonia. Every year the management body of the monastery organizes together with Orthodox organizations camps for children from all over the country. The monastery has a statute of a monastic settlement. On some 3 km after the village of Barzia there is a junction to town Varshets, and after another 5 km it leads to the diversion to Klisura monastery. The road is paved with asphalt and provided with sign boards.


Tel: +359 (0) 886 56 06 12, +359 (0) 886 56 06 13

Web site: www.klisurski-monastery.domino.bg

Accommodation options in the monastery:

Klisura monastery disposes of 80 beds and two apartments. The rooms have their own bathrooms. Restaurant (50 seats) offers traditional specialties from the national cuisine with own products. The complex disposes of own farm where cows, horses, sheep, pigs and hens are growing. Mountain excursions are organized, as well as horse riding, concerts and exhibitions.