Brusarski monastery, Municipality of Brusartsi

Location of the monastery

Brusarski monastery is located in the surroundings of town of Brusartsi, on the bank of Nechniska bara river, which is a feeder of Lom river. Monastery is located on 36 km northwards from town of Montana, on 25 km southwards from town of Lom and on 50 km from town of Vidin.

History of the monastery

According to information gathered from the legends, the monastery was founded as early as Roman times. It has been moved three times for various reasons. Originally it had the type of dugout- a mound built of wooden poles. Later, the ruins of the monastic center of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom emerged. After the fall of the Vidin Kingdom all the relics in Vidin diocese were desecrated and the monasteries looted and destroyed. It was restored in 1840 by patriotic Christians, led by the old man Stephen from Brusartsi, Neiko, pop (priest) Dimitar brothers and the monk Agapi from Medkovets. In 1852 it was completely finished and decorated. In that period the monks in the monastery founded a school for children from the surrounding villages. Again, the legends tell of the healing power of the monastery water "Agiyazma", thanks to which the child of a wealthy Turk began to see. From gratitude he gave a gold treasure, which was buried in the foundations of the monastery. Later this became the basis for the treasure hunters. In turbulent 1876, the monastery was plundered again, and the monks scattered. After the Liberation again monks gathered, but in 1880 the abbot Agapi decided to move it down the road, for which was punished and interned in Rakovitsa monastery. For this reason, the monks left the monastery and it served for parish needs of Brusartsi until1914, when the monastery was restored. Over time, however, it again was deserted. Malefactors robbed part of the icons and the church plates, and the treasure hunters dug up the floor in search of treasures. In 1989 the monastery was again restored.

Currently, the monastery is not operational. For its maintenance the Brusartsi priest is taking care. The church holiday is celebrated on November 8th.