“St. Pamteleymon” Church, Vidin

The church is located in the courtyard of Vidin Bishopric, next to the mausoleum of Exarch Antim I and "St. Nicholy”, its condition is satisfactory, the visitors' entrance is free.

Built in 1634, the church was painted in 1646 during the time of Vidin Bishop Sophronius. In 1641 its wooden roof was replaced because of its poor condition. From 1718 due to border statute of Vidin and location of the church in the fort (Kale), the access to the temple becomes impossible from 6:00 pm to 7:00 am. Following the use of the church to commemorate the two most important Christian holidays - Easter and Christmas, became impossible. This required in the end of the 17th century beginning the construction of a new church outside the Kale - "St. Martyr Dimitar". Today in the church there is a museum exposition of Exarch Antim. To it was built and the church "St. Nikolai”.

The upper parts of the wall on the nave are located belts and medallions with images of saints, an don the arch are painted gospel scenes. In the center in two medallions are depict Jesus Christ and Virgin Mary. The preserved Slavic inscription over the entrance to the nave noted that painting had become during the time of Vidin Bishop Sophronius in 1646. The old iconostasis is not preserved. The church keeps two icons with valuable fittings, worked in 1823 and 1832 by famous jewelers from Vidin. Interesting is the filigree candle in the shape of a ship, a gift to the church in 1872. The church "St. Panteleimon" is connected with the name of Sophronius from Vratsa. In it, he has served during his forced stay in Vidin from 1800 to 1802.