“St. Petka” Church, Vidin

„St. Petka” is a church, located in town of Vidin, in the yard of Vidin Bishops Residence. It is situated just the opposite of “Cross-shaped barrack” in the neighbourhood “Kale”. It is declared monument of culture with local significance in State Gazette no.221 /28.12. 1927 and SG No.85/ 27.10. 1964.

According to the inscription above the front door, the church was built on older foundations in 1634. The inscription that has been preserved at the beginning of 20th century and the building dates back in 1636. The preserved Slavonic inscription over the entrance to the nave notes similarly to the church "St. Panteleimon" that its painting dated the time of The Bishop of Vidin in Sofronii in 1646. The old iconostasis here is not preserved. The church has 2 icons with valuable fittings, worked in 1823 and 1832 by famous jewelers Vidin. Interesting is the filigree candle in the shape of a ship, a gift to the church in 1872. According to another source the church was completed in 1636. Under the Ottoman border law of that time, the authorities were able to seize and adapt for defensive purposes all structures of the "infidels" in the "Kale". Because of its proximity to military installations church "St. Petka" was converted into a coal warehouse of military and had been in this state for several years before the Liberation (1878). On 13.10.1990, in the eve of the patron saint's day Petkovden (14 October), the church is celebrated with Great Vespers ceremony in honor of the renovation of the temple.