“St. Nikolay”Church, Vidin

The full name of the church is "St. Nicholay Mirlikiiski the Wonder maker." It is the second largest Orthodox Church in the town of Vidin. The church is located in the courtyard of the metropolitan complex near Riverside Park. The church was built to replace the old bell tower and extension to the church "St. Panteleimon". The church is declared a monument of culture in State Gazette No.84 / 31.10.1975.

In 1926 the old church "St. Nikola Novi”, the bell tower and the wall surrounding the church "St. Panteleimon" were demolished and in their place was built the current church "St. Nicholay Mirlikiiski the Wonde maker". For its construction Vidin Metropolitan Neophyte personally gathered over 300 thousand golden leva. Merit had also Archimandrite Eugene – the chairman of the church board. In the church is placed a plaque of black marble with the names of 34 donors and other 9 names written out above one of the side gates. The church was designed by the architect Kosta Nikolov, who personally supervised the construction. It was also involved Architect Iliya Popov and contractor Vasil Gyuderov with chief master Assen Avramov. Balabanov merchants from Sofia sent gift 10 wagons with softwood for the construction of the church. Construction began on October 17th, 1926, and the solemn consecration of the temple took place on October 19th, 1930 by Vidin Bishop Neofit.

Today the church "St. Nicholay" is located in the complex of buildings: church "St. Panteleimon" (1634), the chamber of Vidin Bishop Residence (1924), the Mausoleum of Antim I (1934) and eparchial school (1926). The church has three naves cross-domed, with an apse and a narthex which outside appearance is highlighted by a large dome and two towers located symmetrically above the main entrance, and lively facades with multiple round and arched windows. Besides back gallery for people it has two side galleries. The walls are all painted. In arched niche above the south entrance is the image of St. Nicholay, executed in mosaic. It was probably made in Berlin like the Antim I on his mausoleum. Inside the temple is entirely painted by Sofia artists Gospodin Zheliazkov and Filip Filipov. The iconostasis is of high artistic value. In the aisles there are many icons. Restoration of the frescoes was carried out in 2009 state of the church is good, provided free access for visitors.