Monastery in Sadova, Dolj district

Religion: Christian - Orthodox

Temple: St. Nicholas

Entrance: DN55 Beckett - Sadova – Craiova

The church of the monastery complex is made up by the boyars Craioveshti in mid 1500 as it was documented in 1530. The monastery church, built in 1633 was built on the foundations of the old church and was dedicated to "St. Nicholas." The church was restored later by Matei Basarab and Constantin Brancoveanu. The Sadova monastery is part of the fortified monasteries, with high cabinet walls 6.7 meters high, with corner towers and fortifications. The monastery complex was visited by notables of the time such as Preda Brancovianu. In 1692-1693, Constantine Brankovyanu restored the entrance of the church and built a hospital. In the temple there are preserved fragments of original frescoes from 1792, some of which were renovated in 1852 and respectively 1903. Located in the Jiu Valley, the monastery is surrounded by walls wich are almost entirely destroyed. Preserved is only the lower part of the bell tower at the entrance on the south side, too modest to replace the steeple of Matei Basarab. Last the church was restored in 1997.