Climate and water

The climate is temperate, with cold winters and warm summers.

The main rivers are Ogosta, Tsibritsa and Lom. They have small amounts of water and have little practical significance for the irrigation. On the territory of Montana region are the dams "Ogosta" and "Srechenska bar" and about 50 Nos. small dams of local importance. "Ogosta" dam is built on the river Ogosta, conceived as part of an irrigation system that is not operational today. The dam is the largest in Bulgaria with earth embankment wall and one of the biggest on the Balkan Peninsula, with a water capacity of 500 million m3. "Srechenska bar" dam was built as a source of water supply for regional towns of Montana and Vratsa, the towns Berkovitza, Mesdra and other settlements from both regions.

Mineral springs are among the most valuable natural resources of the region. Of national importance are the thermal springs in Varshetz municipality – town of Varshetz and town Spanchevtsi village used to treat cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, endocrine and metabolic, of the locomotary system and others. Springs with mineral water, which can have greater economic significance are discovered in Barzia village, Berkovitza municipality. In villages Borovtsi and Zamfirovo there are also mineral springs, but they are not used and have no practical application so far.