Geographical features

Montana region occupies the central part of Northwestern Bulgaria with a total area of 3 635 sq. km, which is 3,2 % of the territory of Republic of Bulgaria. Montana region borders to the north with Romania, to the west with Serbia. It covers the central part of Northwestern Bulgaria. Neigbouring regions are Vidin (Northwest), Vratsa (east) and Sofia (Southwest). To the north it borders with Danube River and Romania and to the southjwest with Republic of Serbia. The municipality covers parts of the hilly Danubian Plain and Pre-Balkan.

Montana region had very diverse relief. The northern part of the region is located in the Danube valley and in southern direction the relief gradually turns to a mountain, covering parts from the Pre-Balkan. Southern parts of the region include the territory of most massive share of the Western Balkan with the highest peak Kom 2016 m. Here is located the Petrohan saddle, which coincides with the shortest path from northwest to south-western Bulgaria. Slopes of the Stara Planina Mountain are covered with deciduous and coniferous forests.