The region has a border with Romania and Serbia, and a cross-road transport-geographical situation - the crossing of European transport corridors № 4 (Vidin- Sofia- Kulata) and № 7 (Danube river). Montana region has a relatively well developed road network. Its density is 0.292 km/sq. km compared to the country average 0.336 km/sq km. With great importance for the economic development of the region are the international road E -79 (Euro corridors № 4) - RPM drive from I- 1 Vidin- Montana, Vratsa, Sofia, which crosses the region and connects Western and Central Europe with Greece. Of great importance is also the secondary road II- 81 Lom -Montana Berkovitza-Sofia through Petrokhan passage that connects the port of Lom with the international road Е-79.

Water transport in the area is represented by the port of Lom and local marinas. Port of Lom is part of Pan-European Transport Corridor № VII - the Danube River and is the second largest port on the Danube in Bulgaria.