Population and administrative categories

The population of the Vidin region represents nearly 14 % of the population of the Northwest planning region and about 1.5% of the population of Bulgaria Growth is negative - and with the highest value of -13.7%, in average for the Northwest region of -11% and -3.6% of Bulgaria. Municipalities with the highest negative growth in the region are: Boynitsa (-17.8 ), Gramada (20.9), Kula (-18.3), Makresh (-18.0), Ruzhintsi (-15.5), Chuprene (-19.4).

Vidin region includes 11 Municipalities – Vidin, Belogradchik, Boynitsa, Bregovo, Gramada, Dimovo, Kula, Makresh, Novo selo, Ruzhintsi and Chuprene. Town of Vidin is main adiministrative, economic, cultural and tourist center of the region. Other major towns are Belogradchik and Kula. The settlements in the regions are 1423 Nos., 7 out of them are towns.