Two European transport corridors are passing through the region: № 4 - Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania /Calafat/, Bulgaria /Vidin/, Aegean see /Greece, Turkey/ and № 7 - on the Danube. The new Bridge "New Europe", also known as the Danube Bridge 2 is a road and railway bridge over the Danube, linking Vidin in Bulgaria and Calafat in Romania. With the construction of the bridge, the transport network of Bulgaria substantially opens and integrates closely into the European transport networks. The project was completed as part of the Pan-European Transport Corridor 4 and it is crucial for the whole southeastern transport axis of Europe and of the trans-European transport network with the opportunities for combined transport and transfer of certain volumes of traffic from road to rail.

The bridge has a length of 1971 m and includes two lanes in each direction, single electrified rail and bicycle lane. Infrastructure works include the construction of new freight railway station and 7 km new railway line, reconstruction of existing railway station and construction of four road junctions on two levels.

Road network – of internal and external regional importance is the road network, more important is the road Vidin- Montana - Vratsa- Botevgrad- Sofia, which is part of the international road E 79 . The total length of road network in Vidin municipality is 218.3 km, including classes : first class -30, 5 km, the 2nd class - 33 km, 3rd class - 60 km and 4th class -94 , 8 km. Important for Vidin is the rail transport. Vidin region is connected to the national railway network through a 87 km railway line, part of the main railway line VII Sofia - Vidin, which since 1988 is fully electrified. In the section of the railway Vidin - Sofia, passing through the territory of Vidin there are 13 railway stations, stops and dividing posts.

Ports - Vidin-North Port is located near the ferry and the Duty Free Zone, distance from Vidin - 2.5 km. Port Cargo – South, in South industrial zone of Vidin with RO-RO and RO-LA terminals. Danube Bridge 2 - Danube Bridge Vidin-Calafat is crucial not only for the future development of the Pan-European Transport Corridor IV, but for the entire Southeast European transport axis and the trans-European transport network with the opportunities for the combined transport and the transfer of certain volumes of traffic from road to rail.

On the territory of the town intersect two pan-European transport corridors - № 4 (through Craiova for Sofia, Petrich and Thessaloniki) and № 7 (the Danube River), enabling the port to become interlogistic center for goods and cargo transported to the four cardinal directions. Port Vidin is the first major port along the Danube River on the Bulgarian section of the river, and the first port on the Danube, which has gained public status under the Law on the Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The port has a relatively well developed infrastructure - rail, road and water connections. There is a Free Trade Zone; considerable traffic is carried out by the international road transport too.